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Sarawak Energy continuously advocate sustainable hydropower development by embedding international best practices in its projects and operations by addressing all aspects of technical, economic, social and environmental sustainability, based on the context and purpose of the projects. To achieve this, we adopt & implement an internationally recognised Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol (HSAP).

In 2014, Sarawak Energy established the HSAP Internal Assessment Team as a catalyst in ensuring sustainability practices are implemented accordingly. This cross-functional team comprises of members from various departments, having direct or indirect involvement in hydropower projects development and operations.

The objectives of the establishment of the HSAP Internal Assessment Team are:

  • To be the champions in their respective departments/divisions and ensuring the continuity of embedding sustainability practices in Sarawak Energy’s Business Processes, including non-hydro projects and operations
  • To carry out internal assessments using the Protocol; and
  • To build internal capacity in preparation for an official assessment


Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol (HSAP) covers the technical, environmental, social, financial & economic, governance and integrative aspects of hydropower projects and operations. By advocating and embedding these best practices into our hydropower projects and business processes contributes to identifying risks and opportunities, development of action plans for continuous improvements, meeting international best practices and capacity development. These key outcomes are directly linked to the company’s strategic objective in building an agile and performance driven organization.

Thus, the contributions of the Internal Assessment Team are aligned with Sarawak Energy’s Key Focus Areas:

  • The willingness and capability of internal assessors to work across functional and organizational boundaries, highly driven by teamwork and delivering results. Harnessing and leveraging technical expertise and experience of the Internal Assessment Team that coming from various backgrounds and departments.
  • The Internal Assessment Team provides a platform for staff to experience and deliver outcomes through integrated and holistic approach with a global mindset, at the same time being agile, creative and innovative. Thus, delivering talent for a sustainable and profitable business growth.
  • The internal assessments identify action plans for continuous improvements and strengthens environmental, safety, security and welfare requirements in projects and operations.
  • Providing skilled competent workforce with global mindset and work culture in line with the international sustainability standards and complementing Hydro’s action plan on Generation Academy.
  • Internal assessments at operation stage will also identify action plans for continuous improvements aligned with the international best practices in relation to system improvement.
  • Development of new approach and improvements that promote front-end loading mindset & assessment in the hydropower development processes and management (e.g. supply chain risks & management, stakeholder’s management etc.) contribute to timely completion of projects.


Sarawak Energy has developed a capacity development plan to ensure continuity and to enhance the internal assessor’s capability and competency. The development plan includes audit trainings, training on the Protocol and workshops.


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